Kid's Menu


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**Fried? Baked? Breaded? Grilled? Anything goes!

**Ask your server for variety of the day, but usually this will be salmon.  Prepared how they like it.

**Burger? Chopped Steak? Goulash with pasta? You tell us.

**Cold cuts? Peanut Butter and Jelly? We have a kitchen full of food to choose from, just tell us what they like and I am sure we can find something!

**Steamed? Grilled?  Order stand alone, but veggies will also come with any other meal if you like.


At Kitty’s Corner Café the kids aren’t an afterthought- they are part of the family and deserve a great eating experience as well!

Let’s face it, our kids palate’s can be all over the place. Why have a one-size fits all menu? Pick from a protein and tell us how your child would like it prepared.